About Us


The Victoria Peace Coalition was founded on September 17, 2001 when a diverse group of over 100 concerned citizens, who are active in dozens of local social justice organizations, unanimously  agreed on the following statement :

“Concerned that terrorism in all its forms has resulted in the tragic loss of innocent lives and in societal disintegration, the Victoria Peace Coalition calls upon the Canadian government to respect international law and justice, and further, not to support military action in any form. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER “

Who Are We?

The Peace Coalition is a grassroots, non-hierarchical and inclusive organization that meets biweekly to analyze global events and media representation,  and plan campaigns and events. We are all volunteers and do not receive funding from any agency or organization.

Our Work

We research and publish brochures and share information with our email list. We promote education and actions that individuals can take to pressure governments and corporations that support war.

Our Focus

The Peace Coalition is concerned with a wide range of issues but from time to time we focus on one issue, such as Palestine, Iraq, and Missile Defence. We also focus on the misrepresentation by the media of the globalization agenda.

Community Work

If your organization would like us to set up a table of information at an event, please contact us. We can also send a speaker to discuss any of our campaigns.

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