Stand for Peace in the Ukraine.

Time:  This Saturday February 5,  1:00 PM

Place:  On Douglas Street – just north of City Hall at the entrance to Centennial Square.  

Initiated by: In Victoria by the Victoria Peace Coalition, YCL and others.

Code Pink and many other peace groups in both the U.S. and Canada are calling for support and solidarity on February 5 – a day of protest against the rush toward war in the Ukraine by NATO.  Welcome! Please join us to show your support for the U.S. and international peace activists working to prevent war.

NoWarWithRussia #NeutralityForUkraine #CanadaOutofNATO

We can’t fight the pandemic and the climate crisis, if we are fighting each other. No war with Russia. This weekend, there are actions taking place across Canada, the US and Europe to raise our voices for peace and diplomacy. We are concerned about a war between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russia over Ukraine. NATO and Canada are exacerbating the conflict by sending more soldiers, special forces and weapons to Ukraine.

• Since 2015, under Operation UNIFIER, Canada has been training 30,000+ Ukrainian forces; evidence includes the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, an extreme right-wing force integrated into Ukraine’s military.

• Canada just deployed the warship, HMCS Montreal, from Halifax to the Black Sea to join allied navies off Russia’s coast and placed on high readiness Canada’s NATO battle group in Latvia with its snipers and tanks.

• Since 2017, the Trudeau government has allowed Canadian companies to export millions of dollars worth of automatic guns and ammunition to Ukraine.

There is no military solution to the Ukraine crisis, it must be diplomacy and disarmament. All parties including Canada must respect the Minsk Agreements and demilitarize the conflict. Canada must respect Ukraine’s neutrality. Ukraine should stay out of NATO and Canada should withdraw from this dangerous, US-led, nuclear-armed military alliance. There must be a negotiated political solution to end the crisis and to bring about a lasting peace. Join us to #StandForPeace

Take Action:

✓ Read our statement: ✓ Sign our petition #NoWarWithRussia: ✓ Sign petition to Canadian government to stop funding groups glorifying Nazi collaborators: ✓ Contact your Member of Parliament to call for peace: ✓ Call the Prime Minister and let him know you want peace and diplomacy: 613-992-4211 ✓ Take a picture of yourself with a sign #StandForPeace #NoWarWithRussia share on social media

Organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, World Beyond War Canada, Just Peace Advocates, Regina Peace Council, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, Mobilization Against War and Occupation, Canadian Peace Congress & other groups. For more information:

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