Rally Against Bombing of Syrian Civilians

The Time to Act is Now!

Rally Against Harper Government’s support for the US bombing of  Syrian Civilians

Sunday September 8
2 -4 pm
Cenotaph, Belleville and Government St.

Seven lies for seven wars:

  • Human security (Iraq 1991)
  • Humanitarian intervention (Kosovo 1999)
  • Self Defence (Afghanistan 2001)
  • Pre-emptive/preventive Strike (Iraq 2003)
  • Responsibility to Protect (Libya 2011)
  • Will to Intervene (Mali 2013)
  • Moral Imperative  (Syria?)

The US and allies have used depleted uranium and/or white phosphorus on civilians in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan despite signing Chemical Weapons Convention.

  1. Say no to Harper’s support for bombing Syrian civilians
  2. Demand a ceasefire in Syria and a peace conference
  3. Increase funding assistance for Syrian refugees and host countries

Endorsed by Victoria Peace Coalition, Global Compliance Research Project, Council of Canadians (Victoria Chapter), UVic Social Justice Studies program, Victoria Friends of Cuba,Victoria Women in Black, Social and Environmental Alliance, Victoria Raging Grannies, Independent Jewish Voices

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