Marie’s Palestine Journal – Jayyous, January 8

Marie Campbell is a retired University of Victoria professor who left on December 12, 2002 to spend a month in Palestine doing observational work with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Observers from Europe and North America act not only as witnesses, but also provide a measure of protection and emotional support to Palestinians.

Jayyous, January 8

Mike Hornbrook stood us up in Jayyous today, but promises to come at the end of the week, and double promises to interview me (even if in Jerusalem). He does work for As It Happens, the CBC news programs, Dispatches (RICK M.R.) and for Michael Enright’s Sunday morning show.

When I get back I’d like to organize my pictures so that I can do varied talks: The apartheid wall, The question of violence and security in Israel and Palestine, Palestinian agriculture in jeopardy, The Israeli Occupation and its resistance in northern West Bank.

Today, I’m making plans to return. While I hate to end this experience and feel I am only getting my feet wet, I will also be really glad to be home again. There are some big frustrations about this work. Not to mention of this life and living here. I’m going to try to discuss them with a Beirzet University (Romellah) professor who, with her husband, has been instrumental in “the other” big international solidarity group here. There are so many factions, interests, divisions, both local and internationally … and everyone trying to work together, too. I’m looking forward to hearing how others see this kind of work, its future, what needs are not being met, and so on.


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