Kevin Neish reports on Marie in Palestine

Outside of Nablus – January 5, 2003

Marie and one other ISMer were in a taxi heading from Jayyous to an Israeli military base outside of Nablus when I phoned. They were going to try to find out what had happened to a Palestinian reporter who had been arrested in one of the earlier demonstrations. I believe she said they were going to have to dismantle a roadblock to get out of Jayyous. There are only the two of them left since the campaign was coming to an end. She still has no access to email in Jayyous.

She will be having a meeting with the CBC radio reporter, Michael Hornbrook, soon (I met him during my ambulance duty). Marie was very pleased that [Susan] had made contact with the National Farmers’ Union. She had to cut off the call as she was changing taxis.

Kevin Neish

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